Cherokee IPSC : a club

Check the NEWS for the latest on a Pistol Caliber Rifle Division we are experimenting with! - HOT NEWS!

Cash Payback

Updated Cash Pay Back Schedule.

Please make sure you highlight the discount/free match the next time you register on-site, as we will not chase you down over this. Once it rolls off, thanks for your donation!

Here is how we figure this out.

Each Division must have a minimum of 5 competitors to be eligible for awards

  • Divisional Match Winners are awarded a “Free Match Entry” (min 5 in division)
  • Divisional Match Winners are removed from the Class awards below
  • 1st in Class $15 (min 3 in class)
  • 2nd in Class $10 (min 7 in class)
  • 3rd in Class $5 (min 11 in class)


CGC Cash Pay Back November 11th 2017