Cherokee IPSC : a club

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Cash Payback

Updated Cash Pay Back Schedule.

Please make sure you highlight the discount/free match the next time you register on-site, as we will not chase you down over this. Once it rolls off, thanks for your donation!

We will honor the below cash pay back schedule starting November 10th

Here is how we figure this out.

Each Division must have a minimum of 5 competitors to be eligible for any awards

  • Divisional Match Winners are awarded a “Free Match Entry” (min 5 in division)
  • Divisional Match Winners are removed from the Class awards below
  • 1st in Class $15 (min 3 in class)
  • 2nd in Class $10 (min 7 in class)
  • 3rd in Class $5 (min 11 in class)


Cash pay back April 14 2018