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Check the NEWS for the latest on a Pistol Caliber Rifle Division we are experimenting with! - HOT NEWS!

Match Results

Cherokee IPSC posts match results in two places.


Look for these results to be posted within minutes after a match has been completed. Goto their match results page and type “CGC” in the search box to pull up all of our match results. They are also linked below

Practiscore Results (Unofficial)

Follow this link to the Practiscore Results Page


2016 Below

CGC Jan 9th Results
CGC Feb 13th Results
CGC April 9th Results
CGC May 14th Results
CGC June 11th Results
CGC July 9th Results
CGC August 13th Results
CGC September 10th Results
CGC October 8th Results
CGC November 12th Results
CGC December 10th Results


The official scores for USPSA will also be posted to their page as soon as possible. Click to the Match Results link and search for our matches using Cherokee Gun Club USPSA Club Code of GA03 in the search box. These results also contain your classifier scores so that headquarters can properly process your classifications each month. We upload the classifier activity report and pay the classifier fees as soon as possible, but the Db doesn’t always roll in time for the months date to be included, so if it isn’t posted to your classifier data please wait a month before worrying it didn’t get recorded.

USPSA Results (Official Results)

Follow this link to the USPSA Results page


2016 Below

CGC Jan 9th Results USPSA
CGC Feb 13th Results USPSA
CGC April 9th Results USPSA
CGC May 14th Results USPSA
CGC June 11th Results USPSA
CGC July 9th Results USPSA
CGC August 13th Results USPSA
CGC September 10th Results USPSA
CGC October 8th Results USPSA
CGC November 12th Results USPSA
CGC December 10th Results USPSA
New! Cash pay back schedule

Shooting well at Cherokee IPSC matches can earn you a cash payback applicable to your future match fees. An updated list of the last three month’s winners is published under the Cashpayback Tab above. It’s up to you to claim your reward at registration and remember that these expire after 3 months so come back and shoot with us soon to take advantage of your great match!

  • Each Division must have a minimum of 5 competitors to be eligible for awards
  • Match Winner lifted from Class
  • Division/Match winner is awarded a “Free Match Entry” (min 5 in division)
  • 1st in Class $15 (min 3 in class)
  • 2nd in Class $10 (min 7 in class)
  • 3rd in Class $5 (min 11 in class)

*NB. At this time Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) is not eligible for any cash pay back awards!

See the latest awards sheet under the “cash payback” tab